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Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing MethodSuperior Singing Method is a vocal training course create by Aaron Anastasi that helps singers overcome vocal barriers to improve their control, pitch, agility, and range by following 10-minute exercises once a day from home.

Aaron's goal is to give singers a more affordable way to get professional vocal training without having to spend $200 per hour on a world-class vocal coach.

Singing has never really interested me as much as writing songs and composing music. But if you hope to become a singer/songwriter one day then maybe this is what you've been looking for.

Aaron says he's coached and worked with Grammy winning artists, recorded four records and toured as an artist. So he believes he knows how to take you from average singer to world-class singer, using what he calls "active vocal improvement". He doesn't really go into much detail about what it actually is on his sales page, so it must be his secret weapon when teaching and what you're really paying for when you buy this course.

Included In This Online Singing Course...

The course is broken into 8 modules that help improve several areas of your singing, from "warm-up" to advanced, including lessons in "mixed voice" and "vocal power".

You access Aaron's training course through website login after paying for a lifetime membership either one of two ways: 3 payments of $39.95 or 1 payment of $97 (saving like $23). Now if that sounds too expensive the product does come with a 60-day trial to see if you like it before asking for a full refund.

Each vocal lesson is in video format but you also get audio exercises to support them, along with a few other bonuses to add value to the course. Below is what you get with the Superior Singing Method:

The lessons are no more than 10mins long each, so Aaron wants you to commit to following one lessons per day, six days per week for the course work as he created it to...but says that results will vary from person to person.

There's a presentation video at the top of Aaron's sales page that runs 15-20 minutes long (or maybe it just felt that long to me lol), then towards the end of the presentation the purchase buttons appear below it.

But if you're like me you might want to also read a little more about the product before deciding to buy so click the "about" link at the *bottom* of his sales page then click the "products" link on his about page to find the course's details.

If you're interested to learn more click the button below.


  • Format: Video, Audio
  • File Type: Streaming, MP3
  • Course: 50 Video 31 Audio
  • Access: Website
  • Money-Back: 60-Day Trial

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