Sell Your Songs and Build your Music Career!

Sell Your Songs and Build your Music Career!Regardless of which music career path you choose you must understand one important thing: the music business is a business!

The goal of this business is to "sell your songs for money".

But let's be realistic; you're not going to be successful in any music career if you don't understand your customer.

If you want to make a living in the music industry you must be able to take off your "artist" hat, put on your "business" hat, and start to think about your songs as products for customers.

So the question of the day is "just who is your customer?" Who *needs* (yes needs) to buy your songs?

important pointSpoiler Alert: Your music fans; your "audience" is NOT your true customer!

That's right! As a professional singer - songwriter or lyric writer your business is NOT to sell your songs to your audience. Sure they may buy your songs if they really like them, but your fans do not *need* your songs.

Think about it. I'm sure you've bought songs before. As a fan, how many times did you hear a song before finally deciding to buy it?

It has to be pretty darn special for you to pay even $0.99 because you often hear it *for free*. And if you do buy it, what does it do for you? Nothing; you don't *need* the song for anything.

Yes, for many people certain songs can help them through difficult times, but for the most part, for us fans, songs are just entertainment.

Trust me, your audience is not your customer. As a singer - songwriter or lyricist you're not in the music business to sell your songs to them.

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Below Are 7 Popular Lyric Writing & Songwriting Jobs.

With the growing popularity of singing competitions, the power of social media and the internet, your chance to have a successful music career has never been more possible than right now.

But because there are also so many people who want to be professional songwriters, lyric writers and composers as badly as you do, competition is fierce! So you need a strategy...

You must show you can make songs people love *before* companies invest in you. That means you automatically start as an "indie" (i.e. independent professional), until you grow in enough popularity that companies take notice.

How to Market and Promote Your Music: 4-Step Strategy

Ok, so you're a pretty good songwriter & musician and you want to begin building your music career. Well there are four things you need in order begin to market and promote your music, written as four action steps:

  1. Create Business Profile to Market and Promote Your Music - Publish a professional profile so that other artists, professionals and companies can contact you.
  2. Setup Feedback System So Your Fans Can Build Your Value - Setup easy ways for your fans to build popularity for you and your music.
  3. Setup Exposure Platform for Your Career in Music - Get yourself an exposure platform to build fans.
  4. Get Fans for Your Music by sharing your new song(s).

In the business world this is called a marketing strategy, and until you're able to join a company and use their resources, you must "market" yourself & your skills to grow your music business.

Think of marketing and promotion as the wings on a plane, while your product (i.e. your music) is the engine or propeller. You can't fly without wings no matter how strong your engine is.

important pointIt doesn't matter how great of a songwriter or musician you are if no one knows you exist. Without a market (or fan base) you won't have a music business no matter how well you write, sing or play.

Now the strategy above will look different based on the songwriting job you choose. So visit one of the 7 professions above for more details.

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