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Jingle Writer

("Do the Jingle! Do the Jingle!")

State Farm JingleAs a jingle writer you specialize in writing brief, catchy songs for television commercials and/or radio spots for advertising companies. The idea for your jingle is inspired from the specific product you're writing about (see inspiration).

This type of music career is like a traditional job, where you earn a regular paycheck for hours you work at an advertising or marketing company...but you still need to be a great songwriter.

If you compare this songwriting job to each of the others jobs, this may be the easiest music career to start because you follow the same process taught in school to become an employee at any job.

There are even classes you can take in college to earn a bachelors degree in jingle writing. But even though it's easy by comparison, you're still required to work as hard as you need to to become a success.

You're in business to help other companies sell their products.

Songwriter Income as a Jingle Writer

You are hired by marketing company and will be paid either an hourly wage or a fee-based income for your art, after competing with other songwriters for the job. When you're hired your income is negotiated in one of two ways:


important pointEmployee Jingle Writer Pros & Cons:

important pointSelf-Employed Jingle Writer Pros & Cons:

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