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Creative Techniques to Write Lyrics for Songs
"Add color to your lyrics."

Understand how to use major poetic devices to write lyrics for your songs by studying popular song lyric examples.

Metaphor - Write a comparison between 2 unrelated things

See Sample Song Lyrics "Them Bones" (Alice in chains) & "She's Like the Wind" (Patrick Swayze)

If a metaphor uses "like" or "as" it’s called a simile. Notice the different emotional pull each style has. Metaphors can create powerful and lasting images.

Alliteration - Write a Repetition of a Sound in a Phrase

See Sample Song Lyrics "I can See Clearly Now" (Johnny Nash) & "Shadow of the Day" (Linkin Park)

Notice there's an "S"-sound alliteration in this verse, making up a majority of the line.

Imagery - Write using Words to Draw on the Five Senses

See Sample Song Lyrics "Shadow of the Day" (Linkin Park)

You want your audience to see, smell, touch, taste and remember something they’ve heard...and then ask themselves, "what does it all mean?"

Personification - Giving non-living things Human Traits and Qualities: Emotion, Desires, Sensations, Actions, etc.

See Sample Song Lyrics "Personification of My Heart" (In Pieces)

Point-of-View - Write the way you view and talk about a situation

See Sample Song Lyrics "It's Been A While" (Staind)

Lyrics are written in first, second or third person given on the specific perspective you choose. Often time point-of-views change in lyrics, but only when needed.

Hyperbole - Exaggeration of a Fact or Statement, for Stronger Effect

See Sample Song Lyrics "Going Under" (Evanescence)

Repetition (Self-Explanatory...)

See Sample Song Lyrics "Say it RIght" (Nelly Furtado)

Choose a writing technique that best expresses your feelings.

There're many more poetic devices you can use to write lyrics, but theses are the strongest ones most often used in popular songs. However, they're not definitive. You’ll discover more advanced methods as you become a better lyrics writer & songwriter.

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Which writing style do you prefer? Or share a lyric and I'll figure out the writing technique. Post in the comments section below. If you found this page helpful bookmark & share it with your friends.