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(Lyric Writing Ideas, Tips & Examples)

Learn what lyric writing is and understand how to successfully express your thoughts and feelings through words, whether for songwriting or poetry.

Lyric Writing is Creative Writing

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Lyric Writing is an art-form. So the moment you decided to write lyrics you became an artist, it doesn't matter if you earn a living as it or not. And this is an exclusive club to be in.

Not many people have a passion to express their thoughts and feelings through words, and for those who do, many are too nervous to take the steps to learn how. So take a moment to realize that you're special.

There's no difference between you and any professional lyric writer except time and experience. They were exactly where you are now, once upon a time.

And here you will learn the basics to grow your experience in this art form, through simple explanations and examples.

The Lyric: For Songs & Poetry

A lyric is a collection of the words grouped into a structure to best express the lyric writer's thoughts and feelings in poetry and song. A great lyric is clever in its delivery and expressive in its message.

Lyrics can be simple (or obvious) in their message, or more complex to hide a deeper meaning. So there isn't exactly a wrong way to express yourself through lyric.

However, there are a few beginner lyric writing strategies you can follow to help avoid writers block and develop rich, descriptive lyrics whenever you choose to express yourself through poetry and song.

Lyric Writing Strategies

IMPORTANT: Never worry about finishing your lyric in one sitting. Remember that lyric writing is an art-form and all artistic expression must flow naturally. There's no way to force the process.

I also suggest using a pen & pad for your writing. Technology is great! But I strongly believe handwriting has a unique way of accessing your creativity better than typing on a phone, tablet or computer screen.

So keep your writing material handy whenever inspiration strikes.

And lastly, be sure to have fun with this process!

Ready To begin?

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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