Phase 1 - What Is A Song Intro?

Understand what a song Intro is and learn how & why it serves the same function as an introduction in conversation, but for your song.

Your song Intro makes the initial connection

Intro -

The Intro is the first section of a modern song's structure. This section sets the core melody and introduces your listener to a sample of your song so that you can make an emotional connection.

Even though they're optional to have, song Intros build anticipation for the main melody and allow your listeners to decide if they want to hear to the rest of your song.

There are many kinds of Intros to use

Some song Intros contain only music. Others are made from one or more bars of the song's main note/sound (more on bars below).

Then there are Intros that copy of other parts (like your verse, chorus, or baseline).

Some are simply your beat pattern or melody. You can even dedicate a few lines of your lyric as your Intro - sung or rapped "A cappella" (i.e. without music).

Rule: So when you think of the Intro, think of it as an appetizer for the rest of your song or a "hello!"

How to Structure Your Song Intros

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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