Phase 1 - Master The Song Hook In Your Music

Understand why the Song Hook is so powerful and why it's important to use this song element...wisely.

What are Hooks in Music

Musical Hook -

A Song Hook is a section of your song structure that (1) stands out to grab your listener's attention and (2) repeats multiple times to help the listener remember it.

Song Hooks can take two forms:

  1. A sound (or group of sounds)
  2. A word (or a phrase)

Hooks take advantage of how the brain learns to help burn parts of your song in their minds (like a branding iron), whether it's a part of your lyric or melody.

"Repetition is the mother of all learning".

The Hook is a very powerful element of your song because it ties music, memory and emotion together into a single trigger, so that whenever you hear the Hook you experience a feeling and memorize the song.

(It's a hypnosis technique...but you didn't hear that from me.)

The more Hooks in your song the more "catchy" your song is and the more likely your listener will learn to love it.

Hook? Chorus? What's the difference!?

Choruses can be considered Hooks from a certain point of view because they usually contain the "catchy" element that repeats. But not all Hooks are choruses.

What makes your chorus unique is it's a gathering of every instrument in the song to play in unison. To learn a little more about choruses visit the Choruses & Refrains page.

Rap Hooks, Pop Hooks, Rock Hooks, Oh my!

Ok let's go over a few popular songs and identify some of their Hooks to teach you how to master this song section. Join my free training group to learn everything about Song Hooks.

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- Jeezy

Updated: April 3, 2020

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