Phase 1 - What Is A Bridge In A Song?

From the beginning of your song to its end, learn why a Bridge is the essential section that links your song together.

It's Reflection Time...

Musical Bridge -

The Bridge is the section of your song that gives your audience time to reflect on your story, or gives them the "climax" (or conclusion) of the story you shared through your verses and chorus.

It may be easier to think of a Bridge as the third-act of a movie (you know, when everything is resolved).

Ask yourself:

  1. What happens as a result of your song's story?
  2. Have we arrived at our destination?

The Musical "Middle 8s"

Bridges are also called "middle 8's" because this section usually occurs in the middle of common pop songs and often are 8 bars (i.e. eight counts of 4 beats) long.

A bar is a measurement in music, but more on this later. Your "middle 8" also can be used to introduce a completely different mini-song |sandwiched between| your existing song...or be used to give your singer/rapper a longer break that the Break section.

Both Bridges are 8 bars long but the second example has a slower bar count.

How to Structure Your Song Bridges

Let's learn how to structure your Bridge using examples from some of today's popular songs. Join my free training group to learn everything about "Middle 8s" (as well as the critical skill of counting in bars).

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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