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Singing Lessons! Learn to sing with Singorama 2.0 - learneverythingabout.comIf you've been looking for singing lessons near you but weren't entirely sure if you wanted to commit to taking singing classes on top of an already busy schedule.

Or if you're a little self-conscious about singing in front of others, then maybe you should consider trying Singorama 2.0 and access voice lessons whenever you want through your computer, phone or tablet.

As I'm sure you know, learning to sing is an important for any songwriter if your goal is to become a professional recording artist in many different music genres.

Sure, there are software tools like "Autotunes" that can automatically correct your pitch and tone to match the key of the song, but it can become gimmicky if overused.

And after a while your audience will believe you to be an inauthentic singer.

As far back as Milli Vanilli, audiences have never hesitated to shame recording artists for pretending to sing their songs.

Even when singers use backing tracks of THEIR OWN voices to help their performance, it can seem as if the singer is intentionally trying to deceive us.

Audiences want the real thing when it comes to singing, so making sure you can belt out those big notes with full diaphragm (and not just your falsetto voice) is critical to your success as a professional singer.

Learn to Sing with Singorama 2.0

Now to be honest, I don't really see a difference between taking actual singing lessons near you versus following voice lessons through an online course.

Both have their benefits. For some, it's better to interact with a teacher face-to-face, while for others they'd rather learn solo to avoid other people hearing them sing before they've improved enough.

If you're the type that doesn't mind singing & learning in front of other people then I encourage you to find great singing lessons near you.

But if you rather learn at your own pace, I think you should consider whether or not Singorama's online singing classes can help you.

At the core of Melanie Alexander's singing lessons are 15-minute vocal chord exercises you can perform every day before you go to school or to work, which will increase your rang and help you to target every note in your vocal melody. Learn More.

Watch Melanie Alexander's intro video about her online singing course and see if you'd be interested in trying it out. Also, be sure to read the information below her video, including testimonials.

Melanie also offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee for her course, so you're free to try her voice lessons for two months to see if they'll help you improve your tone and pitch...and if her course isn't for you just ask for a quick refund.

If You Keep Singorama 2.0 After 60 days...

It's important you know that as a Melanie's partner I get a portion of the sale if you keep Singorama. But my main goal is to give songwriters the help they need to grow into great musicians without breaking the bank.

So if you choose to keep Melanie's online singing course past 60 days, I'll personally refund to you 35% of what you paid for the course. But this is **only offered to training group members**.

Join training group for free.

Just email me a copy of your purchase receipt after 60 days and tell me which money app you'd like me to use and I'll wire your refund to you immediately.

So click the button below to visit Melanie's info page to learn more about Singorama 2.0.

- Jeezy

Updated: April 4, 2020

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