Phase 1 - Writing Technique - Repetition

Repetition - learneverythingabout.comRepetition is an intentional restatement of a word, phrase, sentence or stanza (i.e. group of sentences) to emphasize a message or theme in your written work.

There are many different styles of repetition a lyric writer can perform for effect, whether repeating the first word in a sentence or the last word, to repeating every other word across several sentence in set a pattern...and each style of repetition has a unique effect on your audience.

Because there are so many variations of repetition you can use, it would be best just to visit the following page for a better explanation of each (shout-out to Literary Devices Dot Net):

Examples of Repetition in Poems and Songs

From Popular Poems

From Popular Songs

Repetition is a very common writing technique used in songwriting to create elements called "refrains", "choruses" and "hooks". So choose any of your favorite songs for examples.

If you desire to be a poet...

Take some time each day to read the works of your favorite poet. Identify the writing technique they use, and then once a week - for 8 weeks - try to duplicate one of their written works.

If you desire to be a lyricist and/or songwriter...

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Updated: April 4, 2020

Post in the comments below your favorite repetition (i.e. refrain or chorus) from a song.

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