Phase 1 - Writing Technique - Personification

Personification - learneverythingabout.comPersonification is the writing technique of infusing human characteristics into inanimate objects or non-human living things (such as animals or plants).

The image to the left of Lightning McQueen from the film "Cars" is a visual personification of a race car used to illustrate this concept for better understanding.

When writing your lyrics using this technique the effect will be the same; you're making the object you're referring to more human.

As humans we naturally connect with each other. Even if we're from different backgrounds, points of view and experiences, there's a common unity we can feel with other human beings.

And when we give those traits to non-human things it helps your audience to form a deeper bond with that specific thing.

Personification also helps paint a more vivid description of the scene you're describing since we naturally understand how humans function, react and interact in our world.

Examples of Personification in Poems and Songs

From Popular Poems

From Popular Songs

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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