Phase 1 - Writing Technique - Metaphors

Metaphors (and similes) - learneverythingabout.comMetaphors are "figures of speech" where something is represented or compared to by something else otherwise unrelated.

To get more specific, in speech or writing they're a creative way to express or explain the characteristics or actions of something by using the characteristics or actions of something completely different.

Metaphors are regularly used in poems and songs as a sharp way to express to the audience similarities that are not literal, to spark the audience's imagination and paint a mental picture the thing being talked about.

The difference between similes and metaphors is similes use the words "like" and "as" to make comparisons. Notice the different emotional pull each style has.

Examples of Metaphors in Poems and Songs

From Classic Poems

From Classic Songs

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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