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Inspiration can come from anywhere. Learn how to successfully draw upon your creative energy for each lyric writing project.

What is Writing Inspiration and why is it necessary?

Writing Inspiration, Writing Prompts & Ideas -

Before defining "writing inspiration" learn the true definition of inspiration.


"Inspiration" is the process of infusing spirit and emotion into yourself. It's from the old French word that means "to breathe in".

Every day we are emotionally affected by things around us: from people, to sounds, to events, to memories. These sources affect us positively or negatively. So in other words:

We don't usually think of inspiration in this way. We usually think of inspiration as "idea brainstorming", so we say things like "I'm happy" instead of "I'm inspired with happiness" or "I'm lonely" instead of "I'm inspired with loneliness".

But these are emotions we're drawing on: Energy-in-motion. Even science has confirmed we absorb energy from around us.

Energy is never created or destroyed, only transferred from one thing to another. And no lyric writer is an island unto himself/herself.

Writing Inspiration

Likewise, writing Inspiration doesn't come from within. It's simply emotional energy channeled from other things from within our world.

We don't create emotion, we draw it into us and then translate it into our creative writing to share with others.

So anyone can draw writing inspiration all you need to do is learn how to channel the right creative energy you need for the lyric you want to write.

How do I get inspiration to write lyrics?

There are many creative ways to get inspired. Below are just a few of the more effective ways.

draw writing inspiration from places -

Draw Lyric Writing Inspiration from places.

Location is very important when writing, because atmosphere affects your creative energy. For example...

You probably couldn't manage to write a sad or painful lyric in a park. At a park you'd probably feel relaxed and maybe a little more content or happy.

This atmosphere wouldn't work to channel sadness or longing, unless you have a sad memory attached to the park.

...But what about a rainy day? How do you feel about the picture to the right? Even your bedroom will give you a different energy than your kitchen, so be aware of where you are and what's going on around you.

writing inspiration from things -

Draw Lyrics Writing Inspiration from objects.

All artists - whether they're writers, musicians, painters or sculptors - surround themselves with objects that'll inspire their next creative work.

So open a photo album or yearbook and reminisce on past memories.

Read old letters remembering what your life was like; where you were and what you felt when you first read/wrote it.

Visit friends or family member you haven't seen in a while, or maybe watch a television show or film that triggers your target emotion.

Use whatever object you need to channel your target emotion.

draw writing inspiration from ideas or writing prompts -

Writing Prompts: Draw Lyric Writing Inspiration from subjects or Ideas.

Sometimes an idea or popular topic (in a word or phrase) is strong enough to give inspiration all on its own. These are called "writing prompts".

Imagine yourself in the particular situation or scenario of the writing prompt.

It could be a situation that's happened to you, someone close to you, a group of people, or someone well known.

Now put yourself there mentally and emotionally. How does it make you feel? Explore those feelings until you've found your target emotion. Write down exactly how you feel.

One way to make sure your lyric idea has the strongest inspiration is to search for writing prompts of situations that many people experience. Choose a relatable topic to write your lyric.

draw writing inspiration from music -

Draw Lyrics Writing Inspiration from music.

I'm sure there plenty of songs you love that fit so well you they've become the soundtrack to events in your life.

Channel that inspiration directly into your lyric writing. Can you think of any song that has the same emotion you want express?

Play the track... Close your eyes and let the music fill you emotionally. Put yourself in place of the singer or let you mind drift back to the moment it reminds you of in your life.

Pretend their words are your words. Next, imagine you were just asked to write a new lyric or a remix for that song. Trust me, this works even if you're not writing a song lyric. The music will get you into the right mood.

Personally, I love to listen to instrumentals of my favorite songs. Without any words to get in the way, I'm able to just vibe and brainstorm.

Channel Creativity & Idea Brainstorming

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- Jeezy

Updated: April 3, 2020

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