Lyrics & Songs Training Map

I'm trying something different from the traditional sitemap. Follow this map in your crash course to becoming a songwriter.

No one can go through all the topics on this website is one sitting, so read one subject per day. When you return tomorrow continue where you left off.

Each link changes color to purple when you have visited a page.

Follow the map. Start it from BOTTOM when you're here.

Training Map & Skills Chart (BOOKMARK THIS PAGE)

What is (it)?
Phase 1
How to (do it)?
Phase 2
Now you (try it).
Phase 3
  Lv.1 Songwriter *Writing Songs* (goal)
Chord Progression
Melody Lv. 4
Melody Lv. 3
Melody Lv. 2
Melody Lv. 1
Notation Lv.2
Notation Lv.1
Rhythm Lv.2
Rhythm Lv.1
  Lv.2 Lyric Writer *Writing Lyrics* (goal)
Song Structure Lv.7
Song Structure Lv.6
Song Structure Lv.5
Song Structure Lv.4
Song Structure Lv.3
Song Structure Lv.2
Song Structure Lv.1
  Lv.1 Lyric Writer  
Writing Techniques
Technical Writer  
Idea Brainstorming
Creative Thinker  
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