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Pitch Master Pro - Ear Training Software

Pitch Master ProHave you ever heard someone try to sing who said they could but really couldn't, or watched talent shows like The Voice or American Idol where a judge says the singer sounds "pitchy".

What about when you listen to certain music? Have you ever heard music where the melody just didn't sound like it "worked"? Like certain notes didn't fit together?

Well it actually takes a bit of training to stay on key when singing and composing melodies, and in order to do it well you have to learn how to recognize different pitches. That's what Pitch Master Pro help you to do.

Pitch Master Pro is an ear training course that helps you recognize different pitches so you can stay on key while singing, playing an instrument or composing a melody for music. It's an audio course that gives advanced music theory training for vocals & music melodies to perfect your musical ear, but simplified into repeatable drills.

This course isn't necessarily for beginners, so if you're just starting out as a songwriter I don't expect you to buy this now. But it's important to have a tool like this to help complete your training as a songwriter, especially if your goal is also to become a singer or music composer one day.

Now if you a more experience songwriter maybe this product will interest you.

So How does This Course Help with Songwriting?

Understanding different pitches will help you to write melodies that flow together beautifully. Certain notes (and chords) when played or sung in a certain order, flow together in a natural progression (i.e. "natural movement or series from beginning to end"). And like puzzle pieces certain notes fit together almost seamlessly in a memorable pattern that repeats (see hook).

But if your ear isn't trained to recognize pitch it can be hard write good melodies. Now you'll eventually start understanding a few pitches naturally the more you listen to and write songs. But with this course you'll have a clearer understanding why certain melodies feel "right". Knowing pitch gives you more creative options when writing music for your songs, what Ryan calls "music intuition".

The sales page is pretty long so you can just skip down to the bullet points to see what you get with the course.

Everything is instantly available for download after you buy the course. You also get 60 days to ask for a refund if you don't like it.

So if you're a more seasoned songwriter/musician looking to improve your ear training see if Ryan Cameron's Pitch Master Pro is worth the 70 dollar investment to you. Then feel free to share your opinion of the course in the comments section on this page.

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  • Format: Audio
  • File Types: MP3
  • Course: 200 Lessons
  • Access: Download
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

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