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Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Easy Home Recording BlueprintThe East Home Recording Blueprint is a guidebook showing you the step-by-step method to record and produce pro-quality home recordings with just a computer and any kind of recording software.

Because of how far technology has advanced studio equipment is smaller and cheaper. Now all you need is a pretty good laptop and you can create studio-quality recordings of your songs with very little technical knowhow.

But there's still a skill to "dialing in" your equipment so that it sounds like it belongs on the radio.

The quality of your record can often times be the difference between getting signed (or hired) or being told your song (or talent) isn't good enough, unfortunately.

Now most visitors of this site are just starting off so they're definitely not ready to record songs. If you're a beginner you should probably head back to the tools index page.

But if you're one of the few visitors who's been writing songs for years but haven't recorded them, maybe you're ready to take the next step by recording a few songs into professional mp3s and then uploading them for people to hear.

If you are ready to record and expose your music then maybe you'd like to review this guide so you don't waste any time or money trying to figure out the right formula for the perfect I did.

Standard Version vs. Premium Version

Bear with Owen's sales page because it is a bit long and cheesy, but on it you'll find he has two version of his Home Recording Blueprint: Standard and Premium, which is simply choosing whether you want his additional audio CD or not.

Just ask yourself if you'd you rather read the step-by-step guide or read and also listen to it in your CD player whenever you want, and you'll know which version of the Home Recording Blueprint to try.

Also, his guide is physically delivered to you, which seems strange considering most guides are downloadable eBooks or website accessible these days. There's also a 60-day money back guarantee so if you don't think the guide is worth what you paid for it you can return it before your trial ends for a full refund.

Click the button below to visit his sales page for more info.


  • Format: Book (Hardback)
  • File Type: Hardback, Audio CD
  • Course: 10 Chapters
  • Access: Physical Delivery
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

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