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Below are songwriting tools you can use to help simplify the songwriting process. From crafting your lyrics to singing and recording your completed song, each product was picked to offer you guidance through important elements of becoming a well-rounded songwriter & musician.

Choose the songwriting course, book or songwriting tool that you feel will work best for you. All products are redirected from this website to an encrypted 3rd-party store - either Payhip and Clickbank - for secure checkout.

important pointAffiliate Partner Products: I've partnered with the companies below to offer you their tools to help you to grow as a songwriter and musician. But please understand that I do receive a portion of all sales of the products listed. Please post feedback of any product you buy. Thanks!

Online Songwriting Courses and Books

The Seed Method For Writing Lyrics: Quickly Grow Any Idea into Creative Song Lyrics

by Joshua May

A step-by-step guide for beginner songwriters to help brainstorm on - and develop - ideas into lyrical blueprints for songs and poetry...Read more

  • Format: eBook
  • File Type: PDF
  • Course: 7 Exercises
  • Access: Download

Superior Songwriting

Superior Songwriting

by Singorama

Superior Songwriting is a complete songwriting course created for you if you love music and like the idea of creating you own songs, even if you don't have...Read more


  • Format: Audio, eBook
  • File Types: MP3, PDF, EXE
  • Access: Website
  • Money-Back: 56-day trial

Lessons Related to Songwriting Help

Learn to Play Piano Online

Piano By Chords

Piano By Chords

by David Yzhaki

Piano By Chords is an online video course created to help you learn how to play any song on the piano quickly and easily by first focusing on piano chords instead of...Read more

  • Format: Video, eBook
  • File Types: Streaming, PDF
  • Access: Website
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

Learn to Play Guitar Online

Learn to Play The Guitar.

Learn To Play The Guitar: An Absolute Beginner's Guide

by Anthony Pell

Learn To Play The Guitar is a beginner's guide created for you if you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but didn't really know where to start. Anthony Pell jumps right into...Read more


  • Format: eBook, Audio, Video
  • File Type: PDF, MP3
  • Course: 21 Lessons
  • Access: Download

Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult Guitar Lessons

by Keith Dean

Adult Guitar Lessons is a guitar course made for you if you're a baby boomer who'd like to learn how to play guitar using many classic songs from your generation...Read more


  • Format: Video
  • File Type: Streaming
  • Course: 100+ Lessons
  • Access: Website
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

Additional Songwriting Tools

For Melody & Music Production Elements of Your Song

BTV Music Production Software

BTV Solo Music Production Software

by Beat Kangz Electronics

BTV Solo Music Production Software is an all-in-one program designed to help you compose your music right from your computer. With this software there's no need to learn how to play an instrument...Read more


  • Format: Software
  • Compatibility: Mac, PC
  • Access: Download
  • Required Space: 900MB
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

77 Royalty Free Tracks by Dan-O.

77 Royalty-Free Music MP3 Tracks

by Dan-O

Dan-O is a professional music composer who's offering you 77 royalty-free tracks of completely original music to use in your next songwriting project. He made his entire library available to you for a single licensing fee of $50...Read more


  • Format: eBook, Audio
  • File Type: PDF, MP3
  • Music: 77 Tracks
  • Access: Download

Pitch Master Pro

Pitch Master Pro

by Ryan Cameron

Pitch Master Pro is an ear training course that helps you recognize different pitches so you can stay on key while singing, playing an instrument or composing a melody for music...Read more

  • Format: Audio
  • File Types: MP3
  • Course: 200 Lessons
  • Access: Download
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

For Singing & Vocal Elements of Your Song

Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method

by Aaron Anastasi

Superior Singing Method is a vocal training course create that helps singers overcome vocal barriers to improve their control, pitch, agility, and range by following...Read more


  • Format: Video, Audio
  • File Type: Streaming, MP3
  • Course: 50 Video 31 Audio
  • Access: Website
  • Money-Back: 60-Day Trial

For Help with Home Recording of Your Song

Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Easy Home Recording Blueprint

by Owen Critchley

The East Home Recording Blueprint is a guidebook showing you the step-by-step method to record and produce pro-quality home recordings with...Read more


  • Format: Book (Hardback)
  • File Type: Hardback, CD
  • Course: 10 Chapters
  • Access: Physical Delivery
  • Money-Back: 60-Day trial

If you have a product you think will really help new songwriters feel free to contact me. I'm always on the lookout for better songwriting tools that'll help simplify the process for you.