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Songwriter Exercise 5 - Determine Songwriter Prominence

Determine The Prominence of Your Songwriting Section

[IMPORTANT: The following songwriter exercise applies to one (1) songwriting section at a time.]

"Step 1: Decide if your words, or music, should hold more prominence in this section"

Which should be your listener’s primary focus in this section of your song?

OK! Let's start crafting your songwriting style, one section at a time. Let's start with the songwriting section you've chosen to work on.

Most of today’s contemporary songs are balanced between both elements throughout their song.

...but some songwriters like to emphasize (or "call more attention to") one by diminishing the intensity of other.



This Section's Songwriter Prominence...

Lyrical Prominence - "When the songwriter believes their words are more important and that their melody should only provide "support" for the overall song."

If you believe your listeners should pay more attention to your words in this section, we'll develop a basic melody to be played in background; no chord changes, key changes, or complicated melody patterns.

Musical Prominence - "The songwriter believes their melody is more important and should carry listeners through to the next section.

If you think your words aren't that important in this section, feel free to make your melody the primary focus for more strength.

Songwriter Prominence has more to do with strength (intensity) than complexity.


"Step 2: Choose Songwriter Prominence for this section of your song"

Stay focused on your song’s overall emotional journey when determining songwriter prominence for this songwriting section. Decide if your words should lead, if your music should leads, or if each should be balanced in this section.

“Be prepared to revise lyrics, layout and music where necessary. Let's continue with your next songwriter exercise, songwriting notation."

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