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song structure - learneverythingabout.comLearn what song structure is. Understand all of the major parts of any song layout.

See where each section normally goes in popular music, and then learn how to structure your songs quickly for the best expression of your creativity and emotion.

So what is song structure?

Song structure is a song's blueprint; repeatable sections arranged in the best pattern to express the songwriter's creativity in their song.

It's also called song form. Song Structure is the difference between a great song and one that no one remembers.


What are the different parts of a song?

linked sections of song structure - learneverythingabout.comThere are eight sections song sections are linked together.linked together song sections are linked together. to create a song structure pattern: Intro, Verse, Refrain, Chorus, Hook, Bridge, Break and Outro.

Each section has its own unique structure, and when those sections are arranged together they form an overall pattern for your music.

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Understand the 8 Parts of Songs Structure

Each section (except for Intro & Outro) can be arranged differently depending on your genre of music and style of storytelling.


The Granddaddy Of Them All.

ABABCB song form - building blocks of song structure -

The basic song structure pattern that all of today's music evolved from is "ABABCB", or “Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Bridge – Chorus”.

Modern songs are "grandkids" of this layout, having different lengths, tempos and time signatures that make each song a unique artistic expression.

But because we’re so used to hearing certain types of songs in specific ways, most of today's song structures can be grouped together by music genre and target emotion.


OK, so how do you structure a good song?

structure your song like the profesisonals -

A song is considered a good song when it sounds like ones we already love, while still sounding unique enough to be different.

All music is inspired. Today’s songs were inspired by songs written yesterday.

So when Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Adele, Katy Perry and other great songwriters write songs either they use existing songs as blueprints or work with writers whose songs they like.

So if you know the common pattern for the type of song you want to write, you’ll be able to use it to structure a great song from your lyric just like the professionals.

Now as a beginner I’ll show you how to understanding these patterns and guide you through the song structure process until you get more experience.

There’s nothing worse than being excited about a song idea only to become depressed because you don’t know how to begin or because your song sounds like crap when you’re done.

This is why many of today’s famous songwriters still get help to write new songs.

I’ll show you how to use existing songs as blueprints for your next song’s layout, and it won’t take 3 months of music theory and $1,200 like at college. All you have to do is continue reading.



Which layout makes more sense to you?

Seeing the pattern "ABABCB", or seeing this:

Chorus (or Refrain)
Chorus (or Refrain)
Chorus (or Refrain)

Both describe the same exact song pattern, but of course the second version has much more meaning. Next, which layout has more meaning to you? The layout below:

Chorus (or Refrain)
Chorus (or Refrain)
Chorus (or Refrain)

Or something like this?

Hands down, seeing song structure flow dynamically while listening to its track is far better than reading a simple layout.

This is how you’ll master song structure quickly.

We’re going to take advantage of the science behind combining audio and visual learning.

I created the Song Structure Vault to help beginner songwriters like you visualize patterns (like the example above) to structure your songs like the pros, whether for Pop, Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Country and more.

But it doesn’t matter what you use to visualize song structure as long as you find a way to see the pattern while listening to its track.


Let’s Master Song Structure!

The explanation above is only the beginning. Let's shortcut your learning curve. Join my free training group to learn everything about song structure in 8 weeks.

Learn to write great songs like your favorite hits from the radio and train to become a great songwriter in four steps:

  1. lyric writing lessons - Seed Method for Writing Song Lyrics Download my free 6-step exercise manual to prepare your lyrical content for structuring. Having your song lyric fully fleshed-out before piecing it together is important.

  2. Learn important skills and tips about each song section not taught in music theory class to get the most out of using the Song Structure Vault to structure your next song.

  3. Follow audio & video songwriting lessons to complete your training.

  4. Also, as a member get exclusive deals on all professional songwriting tools & courses offered on this website.

In a few weeks you'll have access to everything you need to structure great songs. You've already taken the first step by searching for this info. And reading this far shows me you have a passion for songwriting.

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- Jeezy

Updated: January 23, 2020

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