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How To Get Fans for Your Music

Sharing Music, Courtesy of Techpp.comOnce upon a time you could buy a cassette tape recorder and copy of your favorite song from an album you just bought and give it to someone, as long as you didn't sell it for a profit.

Sure it wasn't the best quality, but with it you could share your favorite music with a friend who didn't buy the album, helping them to discover new music they haven't heard just yet.

...And this was legal to do because the record company was only in business to sell vinyl records/tapes/CDs/etc (i.e. the quality stuff music was recorded on), not cheap cassettes you bought from the thrift store...and they weren't traditionally in the business of owning/publishing songs.

But after the Internet threatened to make them obsolete (because their product; their records were no longer needed to carry music), the record company pulled a bait & switch, by making the act of simply sharing music "illegal", and stealing the singer / songwriter's true business.

Sharing was a powerful way for artists to build new fans because no one knows the musical tastes of a new fan better than his/her friends. Friends have instant credibility and you can trust their opinions on which new songs were hot!!

This act of sharing quickly made an artist's song more popular because it was shared with people who were almost GUARANTEED to love it and buy it: friends of those who *already* loved it.

So "how do you get music fans"? By freely sharing your songs and encouraging them to share your song with friends!

Promoting Your Song: Sharing it for "free-ninety-nine"!

It's so critical that you understand your business. Your fans are NOT your customers. They will never be your customers (unless you're starting a record company).

You are NOT trying to make money by selling songs to them, so you shouldn't put a shopping cart or restriction in the way of them listening to - and sharing - your music as much as they want.

I'm not saying you can never sell music to them or ask them for money. But if you make 'selling to your fans' the main reason of your music career, you will not have a career in music.

Your goal is to promote your music and yourself as a songwriter or musician...and as more people know - and begin to love - your music, the more valuable your music becomes when you offer it to your real customers.

The Wrong Way to Promote Yourself...Spamming Others!

No one likes shameless self-promoters. You know the type...they're like unwanted guests. You can tell they don't really care about what's going on in the online community, but they try their best to direct your focus onto their latest project.

In the comment sections of social sites you'll read messages like:

"Hey your song is great. Now check out my song!"

"I could really use some feedback on my latest project. What do you think?"

"Oh I do much better than that. Follow this link and see."

How many times do you skip over messages like these?

Whether it's on social media, an online forum, or an exposure site like YouTube or Soundcloud, spamming doesn't contribute to the community. And not only is the spam intrusive, usually the music is crap!

You don't need to spam others to promote your music.

The Right Way to Promote Yourself...Supporting Others.

"Give and ye shall receive."

Call it the golden rule, good karma, or the secret to life, but make sure you follow it!

If you want support for your career in music you have to support other people's careers. But this means more than just becoming a new fan and saying things like, "oh I love your work". You must support their work financially. "*GASP*, but I don't have any money", you may say.

important pointDid you know your talent or skill is *already* money? It's true! You just haven't converted it into cash. Once you understand what money really is you'll see that anything of value - including your talent and/or skill in music - is "money" and can be used to support others financially.

Ask yourself: "How can I use my talent to help improve their artistic work, career or business?" This question opens up so many creative possibilities that it's hard to share just a few examples with you, but let's list two just to get you thinking like a business person:

You're a songwriter who finds a great singer who has a small following...

  1. You write a song specifically for their voice and/or record a demo for them
  2. You offer to freely give them the song to sing (or any other song you have that they like)
  3. You ask them to credit you as songwriter and to link to your profile wherever the song is posted
  4. The singer likes your song and agrees to the deal, giving credit and linking to your profile
  5. The singer's followers visit your profile, listening to your other songs
  6. Your followers grow
  7. Wash, rinse, repeat...

You producer music. You find a YouTuber that makes their own movies who has followers...

  1. You notice they use the same background music for almost all of their videos
  2. You compose custom music to add to scenes of their video
  3. You offer to freely give them the music, and to make free custom tracks for future movies
  4. You ask to be credited in the video and for a link to your profile in the description
  5. They like your tracks and agrees to the deal, giving credit and linking to your profile
  6. Their followers visit your profile, listening to your other songs
  7. Your followers grow
  8. Repeat strategy with another channel

When your new fans (their old fans) begin following your profile, add new songs or new music directly to your profile that you'd like feedback on, and that they can share for free. Your exposure for your career in music begins to grow.

important pointImportant: Makes sure to contact them *professionally* through their business email and not through the comment section of their social profile.

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Have you started to market and promote your music? What are some other ways you can promote? Post in the comments below. Also if you found this page helpful bookmark & share it!