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Setup Feedback So Fans Can Build Your Value

Grow your value with fan feedback!Traditionally the word "fan" is short for "fanatic", who is someone who has "religious excitement" for someone or something. And as a verb one of the definitions for fan is, "to cause (a belief or emotion) to become stronger or more widespread".

This is what a fan is and does, and why they're so important. You can't have a music career without fans. It's people that make your music valuable by believing in it and causing that belief to spread.

But if you're the only one who believes in your music you won't get very far. So if your goal is to have a successful career in music, you have to write music that people love and believe in...and then collect their belief; harness it like lightning in a bottle; gathering it into one spot so you can use it STRIKE the industry and do some damage!

"The Power. The Power! Mwahahaha!"

Have you ever been at a concert or seen your favorite artist perform? If you have you know the atmosphere is electrifying. Everyone around you believes in the music they're listening to just as much as you do. Belief is powerful. It attracts others and multiplies growing stronger. It's what changes our world for better or worse.

From religion, to government, to TV ratings for sporting events, to votes for your favorite performer on a singing competition...the power is found in the size of your audience. The power is found in the people. So you want to setup a way to collect the feedback of your audience whenever possible.

important pointMusic Math Lesson: Belief(p) = Value(p). No one likes math but this math is pretty darn important, and simple to understand. It simply means, as you multiply the people who believe in your music you multiply the value of your music.

Create a gathering around a cause and companies will start to take notice. In the business world, it's called "building a market".

Business Testimonials: "It's Like Magic!"

There's an old saying that goes, "testimonials are what sell". If you shop online, one of the first things you do is look for user ratings or feedback for the product. We naturally trust people who were once in our shoes, faced with the same choice of spending their money. So when we see positive feedback it puts our mind at ease.

Remember you're starting a business, and your product is your music or songwriting talents. Your customer is any professional who wants to hire you for your talent or to rent your music. And just like you do when you shop, these professionals immediately begin looking for proof that your product/service is worth spending money on.

They'll research your popularity online, looking through your music business profile/website, listening to your songs, and seeing how many people are talking about you or following you. When they're finished their research you want them to say, "Oh wow I need their music!" or "I MUST collaborate with them!"

Gaining A Critical Mass (social) Following

The funny thing about growing a following is when you don't have any followers it's hard to get some, but the more followers you get the easier it becomes to get even more. It's science; nature. The larger something grows the stronger its gravity (i.e. pull or attraction), helping it to grow even larger.

So you want to setup a simple feedback system that allows you to build a following as easy as possible for you, until your following reaches a point of "critical mass" where it starts growing on its own.

Now setting up a feedback system is much more than starting a Facebook or Twitter account. Simply having these tools won't build your following. A feedback system is *a way of communicating using social tools that you can repeat* where if a fan wants something from you, you ask them to follow you or give their opinion.

People don't follow others for no reason. They'll follow you because you're either popular or because you have something they want. So until you're popular you need to make a trade.

Ideas for Setting up an Audience Feedback System:

Brainstorm on different ideas that may work best for your music career. Research online and get creative! Have fun with it. You must talk to your followers frequently even if you have only a few. Make sure you have a system in place so you don't waste an opportunity to grow belief in your music once you begin promoting yourself.

Step 3: Setup exposure platform for your music career.

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