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You Need Exposure for a Career in Music.

Performance, courtesy of Albert Hall at Transmission (photo by Jack Kirwin)Traditionally, it was very difficult for new artists to break into the music industry to earn even a modest income without the help of record companies.

But today the internet makes it easy for independent artists, songwriters, musicians, singers and composers to connect directly to potential fans and just need to learn how.

Let me warn you...the path to a successful music career still requires hard work and dedication. If you're not truly passionate about reaching this goal you will waste your time. You need a real reason to keep going when the going gets tough. It needs to be more than a hobby for you to turn it into a career.

important pointImportant: Before you start do you know who your customer really is?. It's very important that you stay focused on what business you're getting into because it's so easy to waste your time seeking exposure for the wrong reasons or to be tempted to change your plan.

Also, don't quit your day job! If you have a job or a way to support yourself financially until your music career takes off, stick with it. There's no worse pressure than the need to support yourself. Think of your music career as a seed that you are growing into a apple tree that will eventually feed you. You have to give it time to grow.

Choose Online Communities that Fit Your Music

There are many community on the web that allow you to signup and upload your songs or music for free. Several of these sites have many built in features that'll help you to: share your music on social media, build a following of users, sell music and/or receive donations for support.

Now just because a site offers a feature doesn't mean you have to use it. Understand that these sites are simply giving their communities stay focused. Stick to your plan and don't be tempted.

For instance, just because a website gives you the option to "sell" your song to listeners doesn't mean you should sell it to them. Not every artist knows who their customer really is.

Some websites are specially made for certain genres of music while others offer communities for multiple genres. Visit each site and listen to their chart toppers to get a feel for what type of music the community likes...and if most of the top songs are from your genre, you've found a winner!

The following is a starter list of great online communities to check out:

I'm sure there are many more online communities out there to choose from, so what's stopping you from finding them? Also, who says you should only pick one?

Your Exposure Platform Is More Than One Website

Simply signing up to an online community doesn't mean your work is finished. One website alone doesn't make an exposure platform for a career in music. It's just one doorway to your music.

Also, just because you signed up to one of these site doesn't mean people will automatically find you on that site. It's time to learn how to market and promote your music!

Step 4: How to Get Fans for Your Music.

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