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Lyric Writing Lessons - Music Notation

Recording Notation
"Write your composition."

Write your song's melody & lyrics in a new way if you can't understand traditional music notation.

What are Meter-Tabs™ and how will it help me to Notate my Song Lyrics?

Meter Tabs - A New Way to Write Lyrics for songs.

This new method will help you to write your song's music & lyrics if your have no prior education in how to read or write music notes. Use this method if:

  • You don't play an instrument, but think of good melodies for your lyrics
  • You want a professional musician or composer to produce your work
  • You want to protect your lyrics & music while you share your work


Meter-Tablature is a simplified way to write your song's rhythm

This method was inspired from "guitar tablature" and created to express "how much can happen within an moment in time".

Each chart shows how you'd like your lyrics, vocals and music delivered without having to memorize stuff like:

  • "Every Good Boy Does Fine" or "F.A.C.E."
  • Treble (G) Clef or Bass (F) Clef
  • Rests & Notes
  • Pauses
  • Articulation
  • Ornaments, etc.

Although, if you know all that stuff you'll do even better.


Meter-Tabs mirrors Guitar Tablature in visual simplicity

If you play guitar, then you're probably familiar with (or at least heard of) guitar tabs. Guitar tabs work by showing you which fret to hit for each string to play in a song.

But writing in Guitar Tabs is useless to someone who isn't familiar with the song they're playing, because this method of song notation doesn't show tempo (speed of rhythm) for songs.

Meter-Tabs works by also showing you which notes to play, but it more specifically shows when to play those notes. Also use this method to write for any instrument you choose. There are also several versions I provide so you can write your melody & lyrics in a Time Signature different from 4/4.

You will still need to use a few simple notation symbols:

Meter Tabs - A New Way to Write Lyrics for your Songs.

...but that's it!


This Notation Method can also record your song's lyrical delivery

Maybe it often takes you months to write your song's melody & lyrics. Well with this method of music notation, you're free to come back to any project later on and easily read exactly how each line of your song's lyrics & music was developed so far.

Final Word:

Meter-Tabs is a better (simpler) way to notate your song's melody & lyrics regardless whether you've learned traditional music notation.

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