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What is (it)? Channel Inspiration to Write Song Lyrics
"Get your creative juices flowing."

How to write music lyrics

Learn where inspiration comes from and how you can use it to write your lyrics for your songs.

What's Lyric Writing Inspiration?

The following definition may sound a little weird at first, but give it time to sink in:

“Inspiration” is...

Inspiration for writing song lyrics.

...the process of infusing spirit and emotion into oneself.


We never think of inspiration in this way, so we say things like “I’m happy”, instead of “I’m inspired with happiness”...or "I'm lonely", instead of "I'm inspired with loneliness".

"No songwriter is an island unto himself/herself." We don't create emotion...we draw it in.

But if inspiration is 'drawing in emotion', what's emotion?

“E-motion” is Energy - in - motion

Energy (Feelings) transferred or moving...always flowing from one thing to the next.

Every emotion we have is triggered by something...a cause or a spark.

So we can apply these concepts to songwriting and say:

“Lyric Writing Inspiration is not unique to special people. It's simply emotional energy transferred or channeled from other things.”

Lyric Writing inspiration does not come from within. So anyone can draw inspiration to write great lyrics - yes even you - all you need to do is learn how to channel the right creative energy you need.

What are ways to channel inspiration to write lyrics for your songs?

Location Inspiration: Find lyric writing inspiration through location.

Location Inspiration for writing song lyrics

 Location is very important when writing, because atmosphere affects your creative energy.

You probably can't write sad or painful lyrics in a park. At a park you'd probably feel relaxed and maybe a little content or happy. This atmosphere wouldn't work to channel sadness, unless you have a sad memory attached to the park (more on object inspiration next).

In an empty and run-down apartment, you probably wouldn’t feel happiness, so it'd be the best location to write a "painful" lyric or two.

Even your kitchen is different from your living room in evoking creative emotion.

Choose the best location to write your song lyrics.

Object Inspiration: Find inspiration to write lyrics through objects.

Object Inspiration for writing song lyrics.

Use anything - person, place or thing - that'll inspire the best emotion.

Again, nothing just comes from within. All songwriters surround themselves with things that'll inspire their next creative work.

Use whatever object you need to channel your target emotion.

Choose the best items to write your song lyrics.

Topic Inspiration: Find lyric writing inspiration through topic or idea.

Topic Inspiration for writing song lyrics.

 Sometimes an idea (or popular topic) is strong enough to give inspiration all on it's own.

  1. Imagine yourself in particular situation. It could be a situation that's happened to you, someone close to you, a group of people, or someone well known.

  2. Now put yourself there mentally and emotionally. How does it make you feel? Explore those feelings until you've found your target emotion.

One way to make sure your lyric idea has the strongest inspiration is to brainstorm on universal topics - issues that large groups of people are experiencing.

Choose a relatable topic to write your song lyrics.

Music Inspiration: Find lyric writing inspiration through music.

Music Inspiration for writing song lyrics.

 Music (or other songs) inspired you to start to write lyrics, so channel that inspiration directly into your project.

Can you think of any song that has the same emotion you want in your song?

Play the CD or mp3... Close your eyes and let the music fill you emotionally. Put yourself in place of the singer and begin lip-singing their song... Pretend their words are your words.

Next, imagine you were just asked to write new lyrics for that song, only now the song's about your idea.

...Trust me, it works!

"I like to find instrumentals of my favorite I can hear the music without lyrics."

Choose the best music to write lyrics for your songs.

You can find inspiration in almost anything and everything around you.

- Jeezy

Is lyric writing just a hobby you always wanted to learn, or is it something more to you? Post in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. Bookmark & share this page!

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