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What is (it)? How To Write Music Lyrics: Lyric Writing Ideas, Tips & Examples

How to write music lyrics

Lyric writing is a form of creative writing that takes words and adds them to a genre of music, to be spoken or sung with a melody, creating a song.

Because lyric writing is considered art. So when you decided to write lyrics you automatically became a music artist, no matter if you earn a living in a music career or not.

It's an exclusive club. Not many people have a *passion* to write, so take a moment to realize that you're set apart; that there's no difference between you and many famous writers except time and practice.

What is a Song Lyric?

A song lyric are the words that make up a song. A great song lyric is clever in its writing and also expressive in its message. Song lyrics can be simple (or obvious) in their message, or even complex (hiding a deeper meaning). So there isn't exactly a wrong way to write song lyrics.

important pointImportant: As an artist, you're free to express whatever you want through the words you craft. There aren't any rules to what you can write about.

However, there is a method to the lyric writing that you can repeat to help you avoid writers block and to begin crafting very good songs, in the lyric writing help section below. But first...

"Lyric Writing Isn't Songwriting, but Songwriting is Lyric Writing...??"

It's no surprise that lyric writing and songwriting are related but while lyric writing is focused on the words, songwriting is also focused on adding structured music to those words. So at this stage we're not going to worry too much about music elements.

If you're a musician and/or already have music for your songs, that's great! But if not don't worry about it.

Lyric Writing Help in 4 Stages: Learn how to write music lyrics.

Every song lyric follows this basic outline no matter which music genre you write for, but not every lyric is easy to write. So never worry about finishing your song lyrics in one session. Remember creative writing is art and must flow naturally. There's no way to force it.

Just keep your notebook handy, ready to write any lines that come to you. And have fun with the process!

After You Learn How To Write Music Lyrics...

What do you want to do next? Do you have a dream of earning a living starting a music career? Maybe you'd simply like to enter into a few lyric writing contests for fun to see if you'd win! Or are you ready for advanced lessons? Choose your destiny!

Don't know where to BEGIN?

- Jeezy

Is lyric writing just a hobby you always wanted to learn, or is it something more to you? Post in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. Bookmark & share this page!

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