Protect Your Song Through Copyrighting
"Make an historic record of your creative work."

Protect your song lyric's composition & artistic intellectual property.

Preparation of Your Song (lyrics & music) for Copyright Protection

copyrighting your musicI'll grow this section by sharing copyright laws for most countries, but for now United States Law says the moment you create a unique "work of art" onto a form of media, it is (de facto) protected...even before it has officially been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, it is copyrighted.

This law covers whether your song is written or recorded into an audio format. So writing your song's composition (especially your lyrics) onto any organized document is an important 1st step in the creative process.

Make sure you detail all of the important parts about your song

Before you begin to write lyrics to your song, you should write the following:

The other important characteristics of your song composition that should be write down:

Basic evidence showing that you wrote the lyrics to your songs is all you'll need to protect your song composition until it's registered at the copyright office. But if you go even further and record your song (even as a demo), your dated audio file will be even stronger proof.

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