About This Website

Singer Songwriter Business. How artist make money.Why did I create this website? To make money. Yeah, that's right. I made this website to make more money.

Truthfully, this website was created to help me build my music business.

I want to be straight with you; up front, because most people can smell a faker a mile away. Nobody trusts someone who isn't "real" with them (I know I don't) and if I can't earn your trust how will I make money off you.

I created this website in 2007-2008 to teach you how to write songs that sell if you have a passion for music, to create new artists who'd partner with me to create great music and make more money. But somewhere between then and now I lost my way...I forgot why I created this website.

As of the week of this writing (7/6/16) I've been surfing online looking at other songwriting websites, getting more and more disgusted at what I've done with this site. I more so became disgusted at myself for "following the leader" and making as website just like the rest. A dime a dozen.

This website wasn't meant to be some artsy-fartsy, save the music campaign-type, free charity I offered to the internet...but that's what it looks like to me if I'm honest.

It was supposed to be a crash course to get you results so I can find and nurture new talent to build my music business.

But this is MY website, so I've decide to stay true to myself, refocus my pages on what I really wanted to give since the beginning. And if you don't like it you know where the back button is :)

This free site isn't free!

Like I said, I made this website to make money from SONGWRITERS, not to TAKE money from you but to MAKE money from you.

But in order to do that I need to make sure you can write songs that don't suck.

So this website's mission is to "teach you everything I know about lyric writing & songwriting so together we can make me more money writing songs".

It's an investment of my time & money. So if you're not serious about becoming a lyric writer or songwriter please leave.

This site isn't free. Nothing in life is free. (lol) Even the "free stuff" this website gives you isn't really free because I'm hoping for either your feedback, your time, or future money from your talent when we collaborate.

Don't be offended by what I'm saying, it's nothing personal. It's just the way the world works. These are life's hurdles you have to learn to jump across to get to where you want to be.

If I've got something you want your job is to decide whether what I'm asking for is worth what you're getting from me.

Still...I know most visitors are just wasting time here and will never be committed enough to go all the way. So I've placed hurdles throughout your visit here to prove who's dedicated.

Some hurdles will require you to talk to me, some will requires you to study or practice on your own. Some hurdles will ask you to make a small donation or purchase for a teaching tool to complete training.

You have to *prove* you want this. Prove you want to write songs that don't suck. And when you do I'll pour everything I've learned and have into helping you because when you win, I win. I won't share my knowledge, experience and connections with you if I feel you're not serious.

But make no mistake. I don't need this website. It doesn't make enough to support me, so if it's not helping me to find and develop new talent I'll pull the plug.

Who Am I? Oh I thought you knew!

Hello! My name is JeezyI'm the highest concentration of talent, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and hotness you'll ever come across wrapped up in one man...lol

My name is Joshua May but family & friends call me Jeezy.

Iím a musician. Born into a family of musicians, I taught myself how to play piano and guitar (years before the internet and YouTube video tutorials).

I'm a professional music producer. I've created and sold multiple productions and songs to artists since 2004 because I can analyze music and replicate what works while creating custom tracks.

I'm a marketing professional who's helped clients in different countries from around the world (from the intercontinental USA to Canada to Europe). I have a company called JMay Business Marketing & Consultation.

And I'm an entrepreneur of 12 years ready to build my next business; a music publishing company with a team of talented artists, songwriters and producers. Will you become part of my team?

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