Phase 1 - What Is A Song Outro?

Understand what a song Outro is and learn how to emotionally affect your listener even after your song has finished.

Song Section or Solo?

outro -

The Outro is the last section of a modern song's structure. This section can be a copy of other sections of your song (depending on your music genre) or it can be an instrument solo, but regardless, it's usually a section without lyrics.

Rule: So when you think of the Outro, think "no more words" or "end of story".

Now what makes the Outro a unique section is "how" this section ends your song. Your song's Outro can end in two ways:

  1. Fadeout - The song's melody plays on as the track volume is slowly lowered until completely silent.
  2. Full Stop - A sudden, abrupt ending of your song on the very next bar; instantly silent.

Fadeout Or Stop: The Outro you choose matters

Both of these Outro styles create different emotional effects on your listener:

  1. Effect of Fadeout - The Song/Story lives on as its melody echoes in your mind and heart.
  2. Effect of Full Stop - Finality. Abrupt. Complete. Emptiness where there was once a melody.

Heartfelt songs like love ballads usually end using a fadeout to force the emotion to linger with the listener, while more aggressive or energetic songs typically end abruptly with full stops...but this isn't a rule.

Feel free to switch it up! Make sure you choose the style that matches the intent of your song.

How to Structure Your Song Outro

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Updated: April 3, 2020

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