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Before you learn how to become a music producer or song composer I think it's important you know the difference between a music producer and songwriter.

Many songwriters today also compose songs so it can be a confusing.

As a music producer / song composer, your job is to make the songwriter's vision a reality by taking their idea for a song (i.e. their lyric & melody) and turning it into an actual audio recording.

The audio recording can either be an unfinished demo to pitch to record companies or a finished track ready for radio or distribution.

A music producer is responsible for the arrangement of instruments that best expresses the songwriter's melody, as well as how each musician plays their part in the song.

They're also responsible for guiding how singers sing the lyrics.

The producer / composer may even help a songwriter rewrite a few sections of the song if necessary so it can fit the recording even better.

Because a music producer / song composer supervises the entire studio recording process, if you want a music career in producing music it's important that you're skilled in every area of the song creation process: from writing lyrics and writing music, to sound engineering.

It really helps if you have some experience as a musician, or at least a basic (or natural) understanding of music theory.

Different Flavors of Music Production

Not every music production job is in the record industry. In this music career you're not limited to composing songs just for the radio.

If you love epic scores and musical pieces then maybe you'd like to specialize as a film music composer (i.e. "movies") or a game music composer (i.e. "video games").

My favorite film score is from Star Wars Episode 1 and two of my favorite video game score are from God of War 3 (0:40-3:30) and Killzone 2.

Take a quick listen. They're so powerful. So immersive. So awesome. These scores have always made me want to experience the media they're attached to, over and over again.

Hey you could be the next John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith!

Income from Hourly Music Production Jobs

There are a couple of ways you can make money producing music:

The income isn't necessarily based on years of experience but on talent and creativity.

Income from Production Advances & Royalties

As a self-employed professional or music production company, a song composer can earn an upfront compensation (advance) for development plus a future publishing royalty.

important pointMind Your Business: Your music fans; your "audience" is NOT your customer! Your customers are the record labels & songwriters that needs your special talents to compose their songs.

If you forget what business you're in you will not build a successful music career as a self-employed professional or music production company.

important pointEmployed Music Producer Pros & Cons:

important pointSelf-employed Music Producer Pros & Cons:

So Let Us Begin.

If you're still at the beginning stages of trying to learn how to write great songs then join my training group.

Let's first learn how to write great songs like your favorite hits from the radio and train to become a great songwriter in four steps, and then be guided though building your music business:

  1. lyric writing lessons - Seed Method for Writing Song Lyrics Download my free 6-step exercise manual to prepare your lyrical content for structuring. Having your song lyric fully fleshed-out before piecing it together is important.

  2. Learn important skills and tips about each song section not taught in music theory class to learn how to structure your next song.

  3. Follow audio & video songwriting lessons to complete your training.

  4. Also, as a member get exclusive deals on all professional songwriting tools & courses offered on this website.

In a few weeks you'll have access to everything you need to start writing great songs. You've already taken the first step by searching for this info.

And reading this complete article proves you are passionate about entering the music business. So take the next step. There's no cost to join and no obligation to stay.

But you need to join now because space is limited.


IMPORTANT: After you register, check your spam folder if you don't get a confirmation email within a few minutes.

- Jeezy

Updated: April 4, 2020

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